IMPORTANT! All accounts will start with 100k points in open beta to help you better test the site, there will be another wipe before release!


02-04-2015 -> Account wipe system in place!

30-03-2015 -> MAJOR front-end code upgrade - this also means that if you see something that looks crazy, try CTRL+F5 before reporting

29-03-2015 -> Trade rules added (needs major testing)

28-03-2015 -> Massive code cleaning (bugs may appear)

17-03-2015 -> Added Email/Online notification settings for Trading / Ability to cancel in stage 2 of trading.


TO-DO list before Open Beta:

- AI opponent(s)


Should you wish to help mold the game with your input and ideas, please join us at our Facebook group.


I'm desperately in need of some graphics pros who wish to have their work displayed in the world. A symbolic fee could be paid but the main reason anyone should contribute would be to get their art into the world.

I'd really like to give the whole site a makeover, I do a little graphics work myself but not enough, I'm definitely no designer!


- Daniel ( Contact: admin @ )